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All Doors

Looking for new doors to accentuate your property? BelleVier doors are the answer to all your modern and custom needs. We specialise in doors and windows that are widely used in residential buildings, commercial buildings, and other public buildings, including hotels, office settings, schools & libraries, hospitals, and stations.

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BelleVier is a North American standard doors and windows specialist. We’re experts at designing our products to cater to your business needs. We service a widespread market including residential buildings like homes, apartments, cottages and flats as well as commercial buildings. BelleVier has expanded its market and crafted remarkable doors and windows for libraries, schools and hospital projects. 

Our premium-grade products have gained popularity because of their amazing performance in complex climates. Sea salt corrosion, extreme weather temperatures, hurricanes, you name it. BelleVier windows defies the competitors by a great margin. 

Every year, people tend to increasingly prefer buying aluminium windows and doors from overseas rather than locally. China is a grand exporter of high-quality products. BelleVier aims to provide extraordinary quality and exemplary service in all of North America. Say goodbye to shipping costs and wreckage risk with BelleVier as we provide door-to-door delivery and seamless fenestration services.

Specifications & Options


Tech Specs


Technical Specs

  • Hi-Tech profile and reinforced material
  • Reinforced glass fiber thermal insulation bar with high loading capacity
  • Pressure extrusion for higher strength level
  • Coex wire seal to protect against moisture
  • Multi-point hardware lock system for weather sealing and burglarproofing
  • Truss structure design for increased structural strength
  • Tilt-turn system achieves the AAMA rating of CW-PG60
  • Corner locking key ensures the smooth surface joint and improves corner stability
  • Glass panel EPDM foam weather sealing strip used for better performance and easier maintenance than standard glue



Glass Options

  • Single Glass(5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm….)
  • Laminated Glass(5mm+0.76pvb+5mm)
  • Double Toughened Glass(5mm+12air+5mm)
  • Toughened Laminated Glass(5mm+12air+0.76pvb+5mm)
  • Triple Toughened Glass(5mm+12air+5mm+12air+5mm)
  • Thickness of single glass: 5-20mm
  • Glass types: Frosted glass, Toughened glass, Low-e coated glass
  • Special performance glass: Fireproof glass, Bulletproof glass
  • Select from various types of glass, including but not limited to: tinted, low-e, sound-proof and burglarproof

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