Aluminum doors and windows are so popular?

18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read


Recently, many friends who need to install doors and windows have asked how aluminum doors and windows are, why is it so popular, and what is the magical charm?

1. Lightweight and high strength

The aluminum-plastic material is easy to use, light in weight, and has a high flexural strength in the section. The doors and windows made of it have small deformation and are durable.

2. Good sealing performance

The sealing performance is an important performance index of doors and windows. Compared with ordinary wooden doors and windows and steel doors and windows, aluminum-plastic aluminum doors and windows have better air tightness, water tightness and sound insulation performance.

3. High use value

In architectural decoration projects, especially for high-rise buildings and high-grade decoration projects.

From the comprehensive balance of decoration effect, air conditioning operation and long-term maintenance, the use value of aluminum-plastic aluminum doors and windows is superior to other types of doors and windows.


4. Colorfast and easy to maintain

Aluminum-plastic-aluminum doors and windows do not need to be painted, not easy to fade, not easy to fall off, the surface does not need to be repaired, and it is easy to maintain.

5. Flexible opening and closing

Aluminum-plastic-aluminum doors and windows have strong opening and closing flexibility and are easy to operate.

6. Beautiful shape

Aluminum doors and windows have a variety of colors to choose from, and the surface treatment technology of aluminum profiles is diversified, which can meet the different aesthetic needs of different people.

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18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read

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