The difference between ordinary doors and windows of system doors and windows

18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read


When buying doors and windows, we often face many problems, such as too many types that are difficult to choose, and too difficult to understand professionally. In order to solve this problem, today I will tell you about the two major categories of doors and windows, as well as the precautions for consumers to purchase and accept doors and windows.

1. The difference between system doors and windows and ordinary doors and windows

System doors and windows

It has its own independent technical department, which will carry out strict tests and inspections on the components of the system doors and windows.

The various parts of the system doors and windows are fixed according to different performance, so the flexibility is small.

The system doors and windows are serialized and standardized products, and the slot structure and material supply are incompatible.

Ordinary doors and windows

Ordinary doors and windows are temporarily integrated door and window products for a single project, and they are often not fully tested.

Ordinary doors and windows can be flexibly configured with their own components according to their needs.

Ordinary door and window materials can be selected by domestic and foreign manufacturers, and the mold can also be opened temporarily, which has strong flexibility.


2. Precautions for purchasing doors and windows

(1) Check whether the materials of doors and windows are green and environmentally friendly

Because the material of the door and window itself cannot have radiation, it also needs to be able to effectively block ultraviolet rays. Therefore, whether the door and window materials are green and environmentally friendly is very important.

(2) See if the quality of doors and windows is good

Generally, doors and windows of good quality are more secure in terms of sound insulation, airtightness, flame retardancy, etc., and have a longer service life than ordinary doors and windows.

(3) Look at the quality of door and window accessories and the installation process

In addition to the materials and production quality of doors and windows, attention should be paid to the quality of the hardware and sealing strips selected for doors and windows, and the quality of the assembly of doors and windows.

(4) The purchase of doors and windows should be coordinated with the style of home decoration

If the doors and windows are inconsistent with the home decoration style, it will be very abrupt.

When the room environment is a warm color, the opposite door can choose a warm color system;

When the room environment is cool, you should choose a lighter door.

In addition, doors and windows should be similar to the color of the furniture, but have a corresponding contrast with the color of the wall.

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18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read

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