How to choose soundproof aluminum doors and windows

18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read


Presumably, the problem of noise plagues many families, so what is the solution? I think it is necessary to install a soundproof aluminum door and window at this time. How to achieve sound insulation of aluminum doors and windows? Let’s take a look at it together.

How do aluminum doors and windows achieve sound insulation?

1. Soundproofing strip

The sound insulation strip must be resistant to aging and maintain toughness.

Generally, the outside is wrapped in leather material. The sound-absorbing cotton is used inside.

In this way, it maintains toughness and is not easy to age. The sound leakage point of the window frame is well sealed.

2. Sound insulation glass

The most important thing is the choice of soundproof glass.

If the floor is low and is close to the road or the viaduct, and there are low-frequency noise sources nearby, then it is necessary to consider the use of vacuum glass, so as to completely solve the noise problem.


3. Soundproof curtain

The soundproof curtain is the curtain extending from the curtain box to the bottom of the curtain. The bottom of the curtain is a frame-shaped slot, which will form a complete closure of the window to achieve the sound insulation effect.

4. Soundproof windows

Sound insulation aluminum doors and windows are composed of two or three layers of insulating glass and window frames

The glass layer is filled with desiccant, the edges are bonded with sealant, and the air in the hollow is removed and filled with inert gas. This type of glass can have the greatest sound insulation effect.

Here, I would like to remind everyone to do their homework in advance when buying sound-proof aluminum doors and windows. Do not choose inferior materials to save money, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble in future life.

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18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read

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