Aluminum doors and windows sound insulation treatment?

18 Aug 2023 3 minutes read


Aluminum doors and windows are not only beautiful in appearance, but also very durable, but in order to prevent noise from disturbing our lives, we need to soundproof aluminum doors and windows. How to do sound insulation for aluminum doors and windows? What are the purchasing skills of aluminum alloy doors and windows?

How to do sound insulation for aluminum doors and windows?

1. Sound insulation membrane

The multi-layer structure can effectively block noise. When the sound insulation film is used, the high-performance interlayer film in the middle of the film has light transmittance, which will not block the transmittance of the building and maintain a clear line of sight, and can also play an explosion-proof role.

2. Soundproof glass

Now there are mainly insulating glass, laminated glass, and vacuum glass in the market.

A company specializing in soundproof doors and windows. Most of them are laminated glass and vacuum glass. The principle that the vacuum used by vacuum glass cannot transmit sound is aimed at various frequencies of noise.

After installation, it can reduce noise by 30-40 decibels. The choice of soundproof glass Chuangxin suggests that everyone should look at the actual situation of their own home and also the environment of the community where they live.

If you have more than 20 floors and there are no trains or large trailers nearby, you can consider choosing insulating glass or laminated glass, and the sound insulation effect is almost the same.

If the floor is low, close to the road or near the viaduct, and there are low-frequency noise sources nearby, then it is necessary to consider using vacuum glass or composite three-layer soundproof glass, so as to completely solve the noise problem.

3. Sound insulation strip

Generally, most of the aluminum window frames are equipped with rubber sound insulation strips or wool sound insulation strips, but wool sound insulation strips are easy to depilate after a long time.

The sound insulation strip should not only be anti-aging but also maintain toughness. At present, there is an imported sound insulation strip on the market. The outside is wrapped in leather material. Inside is sound-absorbing cotton.

4. The surrounding frame is sealed

When making a soundproof window, it must not be as big as the window. It can’t be put in. So there will be some small gaps around the window frame.

After installation, be sure to use glass glue to stick around the window. The sealing around is deceptively simple and requires a professional to complete it.


Aluminum doors and windows purchase skills

1. Doors and windows produced by regular manufacturers

It is recommended to choose big brands such as Hennessy Bellevier doors and windows, which are in the forefront of the industry all the year round, and their product quality is beyond doubt.

2. Aluminum door hardware

The quality of the hardware determines the various problems you will encounter in your daily life later.

3, aluminum doors and windows insulation strip

PA66 nylon must be used, which is the national standard. In addition, when choosing a business, you must pay attention to the reputation and service quality of the business, and do not randomly choose a business to buy.

Summary: The above is the introduction of how to do sound insulation for aluminum alloy doors and windows and the purchase skills of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Finally, I hope this article can help you.

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18 Aug 2023 3 minutes read

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