How to choose a aluminum folding doors

18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read


How to choose a aluminum folding doors? The door is one of the passages between the indoor and the outdoor, so the door can be said to be an indispensable part of the home.

In addition to our common sliding doors and swing doors, there is also a new folding door on the market. What are the advantages of folding doors?

What is aluminum folding doors

A folding door is a new type of door that can be folded up and pushed to the side when opened.

Aluminum folding doors are mainly composed of door frames, door leaves, transmission parts, rotating arm parts, transmission rods, orientation devices, etc.

This door type can be installed indoors and outdoors. Each door has four door leaves, two side door leaves and two middle door leaves.

Advantages of aluminum folding doors

1. Space saving, flexible and changeable

Aluminium folding doors can be subtly folded when not needed, and perfectly extended when needed. It not only enhances the decoration taste of the house, but also saves space.

2. Good ventilation and lighting effect

When the folding door is opened, it can achieve the greatest degree of openness, so that the family is more friendly to nature and the outside world is unimpeded, and the ventilation and lighting effects are excellent.

Even if it is closed, it will not hinder the view of the beautiful scenery outside the window. The texture brought by the large area of ​​transparent glass makes the whole hall spacious and bright!

3. Structurally safer

The aluminum folding door meets the requirements of high hardness and wind pressure resistance, and the thickness has reached about 2.0mm, so it is safer in structure and suitable for outdoor and indoor use.


How to choose a aluminum folding doors

1. Check the sliding flexibility

Buying a folding door is mainly because this kind of door is convenient and flexible to use, so be sure to check the flexibility of the door opening.

2. Look outside

For folding doors, the appearance quality is the key object of purchase, and the quality of the door can be distinguished by hand touch and side light.

For example, touch the frame and corner of the door with your hand to see if it is smooth, and then observe whether the paint surface of the door panel is flat.

3. Is the bearing capacity strong enough?

Although the hardware accessories of the folding door look relatively inconspicuous, they are often related to the service life of the door.

4. Touch the feel

(1) Touch the frame, panel and corner of the door with your hand, requiring no scratching, soft and delicate.

(2) Then stand on the side of the door and greet the light to see if the paint surface of the door panel has bumps and waves.

(3) Basically, you can know whether the workmanship is qualified by these two strokes.

The last reminder is that since the folding door is composed of multiple structures, it is necessary to pay more attention to the installation, and to be careful in the position of the details.

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18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read

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