Precautions for custom sliding window?

18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read


Precautions for custom sliding window? There are many kinds of sliding window materials, each of which has different performance. Compared with aluminum sliding windows, it has good cost performance and good appearance, so it has won the favor of the majority of users. So, which aluminum sliding window is better?

Aluminum alloy sliding windows industry ranking

With the rapid development of customized technology and craftsmanship, various aluminum alloy sliding windows have appeared on the market.

Bellevier Windows and Doors

Most well-known door and window brands, such as Bellevier doors and windows, rank relatively high.

The big brand of Bellevier doors and windows always puts the customized quality first, and has established a relatively complete quality system.

At the same time, the research on sliding windows has been strengthened, and more advanced customization technology and craftsmanship have been mastered.

With strong comprehensive strength, it can customize various styles of sliding windows to meet the needs of different users.

After-sales service

In terms of after-sales service, in addition to installation and commissioning, it also provides services such as troubleshooting and regular maintenance consultation.


What to pay attention to when customizing sliding windows

The following points should be grasped when customizing aluminum sliding windows.

1. Select the appropriate sliding window style according to the house decoration effect and actual layout;

2. Adopt advanced customized technology to ensure reliable quality of sliding windows;

3. Choose a strong brand, as long as you choose a reliable manufacturer, you will save a lot of worry in the future.

4. Do a good job in the installation of sliding windows, usually custom manufacturers will provide installation instructions to help users install sliding windows.

After the installation is complete, check and debug the operation of the sliding window.

Since the customized quality of the sliding window determines the service life, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the customized price, but also to the customized quality.

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18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read

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