Where are high-quality aluminum doors and windows expensive?

18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read


The difference between high-quality aluminum doors and windows and ordinary aluminum doors and windows is always incomplete, so I will continue to tell you today!

1. Hardware

Take a set of inverted hardware as an example. The price of different products in the market varies by four to five times. If you use German imported Noto hardware accessories, the quality and cost are far more than ordinary products.

2. Glass glue

When installing broken aluminum doors and windows, some people use structural glue on the outer wall to save money. For consumers, do you want to use two or three pieces of glue to save money? Or is it better to use structural adhesives for quality?

3. Process

A complete set of production equipment in a small workshop costs RMB 70,000 to RMB 80,000; and a high-precision double-head saw for good brand doors and windows can reach RMB 60,000 to 70,000. This investment is not only because of the strength of doors and windows, but because of them. The cutting accuracy is indeed not on the same level!


4. Equipment

This is just a comparison of one device, there are several other devices too!

Generally, the investment of large factories is large, and the investment of small workshops is small! After producing the product, whose quality do you say is good? High precision?

To produce good quality products, the hardware investment must first meet the standards, and only when the hardware meets the standards can products that meet the standards can be produced. The cost is undoubtedly higher.

5. Window type

The production costs of different window types are also very different. For example, if one movable window is opened for one square and one movable window is opened for five squares, the difference in cost is several times as much!

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18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read

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