Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows requirements

18 Aug 2023 4 minutes read


In order to ensure that the project’s aluminum doors and windows meet the performance requirements of wind pressure, water tightness, air tightness, heat preservation, sound insulation, lighting, safety, etc., we will share with you the five key points of door and window quality control.

Aluminum doors and windows sealing requirements

1. Corner sealing strip (glue corner)

The sealing strip should avoid corner splicing, and the corner sealing strip should be designed as a 90-degree integral rubber angle.

2. Frame fan sealing strip

Three sealing strips should be designed for the opening of the fan, namely the main sealing strip, the fan edge strip and the frame edge strip.

Leak-proof requirements for aluminum doors and windows

1. Drainage channels are provided on the outer windows

A buckle cover should be installed on the outside of the drain to prevent strong wind from blowing rain and dust into the window sash.

2. The heat insulation strip should adopt C-shaped structure

The inner and outer aluminum profiles are composited on the same horizontal surface to avoid leakage and corrosion hazards caused by the accumulation of water at the heat insulation strip, and at the same time can increase the length of the heat insulation strip and improve the thermal performance.

3. Door and window opening size

The opening of the structure should not be too large to avoid the hidden danger of leakage caused by the difficulty of sealing.

4. Googling

For special reasons, such as the external wall is a stone curtain wall, the opening of the opening has a large reserved size. It is recommended that the structural opening be grooved, and the groove should be poured at the same time as the concrete wall.

5. Outer window sill

For buildings whose exterior wall materials are paint, metal window sills are recommended. The inner side of the metal window sill should be pressed into the window frame, and the outer side should be dripping from the wall.

6. Window frames and structural openings

The window frame should be installed in a vertical position. If it is installed on the outside, it should be retracted 20mm inward to prevent structural construction errors from causing the window frame to be installed outside the structure outer skin, causing rainwater leakage.

Aluminum door and window frame fan structure requirements

1. Group angle

Group angle is an important process related to the integrity of doors and windows.

2. Glue process

Under normal circumstances, the corner code + wipe group corner glue process should be used, and the window corners are not allowed to be extruded without glue.

3. Glue injection process

The corners can also adopt the corner code + glue guide groove + glue injection hole + two-component glue injection + corner piece process to ensure the corner strength requirements and ensure that the finished doors and windows are not deformed and displaced after transportation and installation.


Thermal insulation requirements for aluminum doors and windows

1. The cavity design of the profile

The profile should adopt a multi-cavity structure to reduce heat loss. At the same time, the outer window insulation components should be coplanar to form an overall insulation surface, eliminate cold bridges, and block heat loss channels.

2. Heat insulation tape should be installed in the glass installation groove

Increase the number of air chambers, reduce the heat loss between the hollow glass and the profile, and improve the thermal insulation effect of the entire window.

3. Window sashes should be designed with T-shaped heat insulation strips

The window sash heat insulation strip is designed as a T-shape, which overlaps with the middle rubber strip to realize the hot and cold partition of the fan frame connection. It is forbidden to put the middle rubber strip directly on the aluminum profile of the fan.

4. Insulation strip

Use polyamide 66 (ie Polyamide 66, commonly known as nylon 66).

5. Glass warm edge strip

Warm edge strips should be arranged around the double-layer hollow glass cavity to block the heat dissipation channel of the glass cavity.

6. Thermal insulation materials

In areas with high heat transfer coefficient requirements, according to the positioning of the project, heat preservation and heat insulation materials can be added to the profile heat insulation cavity to meet the K value requirements.

7. Outer door

Thresholds should be provided for the external swing doors leading to the garden by residents on the first floor of the residence. It is forbidden not to set up thresholds, and the bottom of the door should be closed with a brush.

Residents on the first floor of the residence have double-leaf flat-opening outer doors leading to the garden. After closing, the two doors should be overlapped, and it is forbidden to leave a seam in the middle to be closed with a brush.

Safety technical requirements for aluminum doors and windows

1. Glass Buckle

The glass buckle should be installed on the indoor side. It is forbidden to turn the inner window into the outer window so that the buckle is installed on the outdoor side to ensure the theft prevention, safety, and glass replacement requirements, and no leakage hazards.

2. Lock point

In order to improve the wind pressure resistance and anti-theft performance of external windows, multi-point locks should be adopted for external windows. The lock point setting should meet the requirements of the hardware manufacturer’s design and installation manual.

3. The size of the outer door of the unit entrance should not be too large to ensure the reliability of hinges and other hardware accessories and avoid safety accidents.

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18 Aug 2023 4 minutes read

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