Aluminum sliding window accessories what?

18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read


Aluminum sliding windows not only have good decorative effects, but also have good lighting properties. However, when we buy sliding windows, we must know what accessories are available to avoid some unnecessary troubles.

Aluminum sliding window accessories What?

1. Sliding window hinge

Now there are two main types of hinges on the market, one is all copper and one is stainless steel.

When we buy door and window hinges, we must choose the one with ball bearing in the shaft, which will make it easier for us to open doors and windows.

2,aluminum sliding window handle

Door and window handles are rich in styles and colors. When buying handles, it is best to buy handles that have been treated with electroplating and electrostatic spraying.

This kind of handrail has very good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and at the same time, it needs a handle that matches the interior style, which will be more perfect.

3. Sliding window door closer

Door closers in sliding windows are mainly divided into bottom springs, door closers in the top and floor springs.

It can make us slow down the speed of closing aluminum doors and windows, and even if the doors and windows are closed, there will be no sound. Door closers are generally widely used in hotel rooms.


What are the advantages of aluminum sliding window?

1. The push-pull operation is easier to use, and the doors and windows can be opened and closed more freely. If there are children at home, it can also prevent bumps, and the safety is very high.

2. If the sliding window made of broken bridge aluminum is used, the shortcomings of ordinary sliding windows in thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction can be made up accordingly. Therefore, for friends in areas with large sandstorms, it is very suitable to choose aluminum alloy sliding windows. .

3. The shape of the sliding window is relatively simple and atmospheric, with a simple metal frame and tempered glass. After opening, the ventilation space is larger, and it will not affect the lighting, and the vision is wider.

4. Because the sliding windows is pushed horizontally on both sides, it does not open outward like a casement window, so there will be no sash bruises and other situations.

Summary: The above is what aluminum sliding windows are equipped with? And what are the advantages of sliding windows? The whole content is introduced. Finally, I hope this article can help everyone.

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18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read

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