Soundproof doors and windows purchase skills

18 Aug 2023 3 minutes read


For owners who live on the side of the road, it is very important to buy a soundproof door and window, which can not only reduce the noise, but also provide us with a quiet and comfortable living space. What are the purchasing skills for soundproof doors and windows? How to clean and maintain doors and windows?

What are the purchasing skills for soundproof doors and windows?

1. Sound insulation of doors and windows

According to one’s own economic situation and actual needs, generally the higher the sound insulation, the higher the price of soundproof doors and windows, but the sound insulation should not be less than 30dB.

2. Window type

In terms of sound insulation effect, fixed windows have better sound insulation effect, but this kind of window is only suitable for places that do not need to be opened and have lighting needs;

Compared with side-side windows and sliding windows, side-side windows have better sound insulation than sliding windows. You can choose the appropriate window type according to your needs.

3. Glass material

Common glass, insulating glass, multi-layer insulating glass, vacuum glass, laminated glass, etc. Among these types of glass, laminated glass has a very good sound insulation effect.

Because vacuum glass separates two pieces of glass and evacuates the air in between, a vacuum layer is formed between the glass, and the principle that sound cannot propagate in a vacuum is used for sound insulation.

No matter what kind of noise it is, it cannot be transmitted into the house through glass; insulating glass can only isolate high-frequency or low-energy noise. For low-frequency or high-energy noise, the sound insulation effect is not very good;

The sound insulation effect of multi-layer insulating glass is so-so, but the safety is very high and it is not easy to break.

4. Life of aluminum alloy

Because of its high density, high hardness, strongest resistance to deformation, the outer frame has the longest service life, followed by broken aluminum, and the shortest service life is plastic steel profiles.

Many communities in the southern area use plastic-steel windows. In less than 6 years, the casement windows cannot be closed due to the loose hardware, or even fall off, and the sliding window pulleys are stuck and cannot be opened;

The chemical properties of plastics are not stable. Under the action of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, the profile heats up and contracts to produce gaps, and the surface is dull and yellow;


How to clean and maintain soundproof doors and windows

1. Screens

If the screen window is cleaned irregularly, it will be very dusty, which not only affects the ventilation but also affects our health.

If it is a detachable screen window, just remove it directly, and then rinse it with water and wipe it with a rag.

If it is a non-removable screen window, it is recommended to separate the glass and the screen window with a newspaper. First use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust, and then spray the screen with clean water vertically to let the dust stay along the newspaper, and finally wipe it with a rag That’s it.

2. Door and window groove

The groove can store a lot of dust, and it is easily overlooked by the owners.

In terms of cleaning, in fact, we only need to use a rag to easily solve it, and the groove position can be cleaned by matching with a pen. It is simple and practical.

3. Hardware

Daily maintenance of door and window hardware can greatly increase its durability.

When cleaning hardware accessories such as handles, hinges, hinges, lock seats, etc., you can use a neutral detergent to wipe the surface. Never wipe with corrosive detergents.

If there are signs of oxidation of the hardware parts during the wiping process, it is recommended to gently scrape the rust off with a knife, then wipe it with a rag, and finally apply wax oil.

Summary: The above is an introduction to the purchase skills of soundproof doors and windows and how to clean and maintain soundproof doors and windows. Finally, I hope this article can help everyone.

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18 Aug 2023 3 minutes read

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