Precautions for custom aluminum windows

18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read


The customization of aluminum alloy doors and windows is a very critical and important link. The customized services for doors and windows are comprehensive and high-quality. What issues do consumers pay attention to when customizing aluminum doors and windows?

1. Choose the material and model of doors and windows

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows perform better in terms of performance, quality, and service life.

Door and window types such as side-hung doors and sliding windows can be selected according to practicability and design.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the materials of the various parts of the doors and windows, which will affect the quality and service life of the doors and windows.

2. Accurate details

After communicating with the merchant, the customer will get a preliminary plan. At this time, the customer needs to repeatedly confirm the details of the door and window customization.

For example: the color of the window frame, the style of the glass, the size of the doors and windows, etc. need to be carefully discussed and determined.


3. Acceptance of doors and windows

The installation effect of doors and windows will affect their performance, appearance and service life, so consumers should pay attention to acceptance after the installation of doors and windows.

During the acceptance of doors and windows, check whether there is a gap between the window frame and the wall, whether the hardware is unobstructed, whether the window sash and the window frame are properly sealed, etc.

Before confirming the acceptance, these installation details and final results should be carefully checked.

Customized aluminum alloy doors and windows are customized according to different consumers’ preferences, home design styles and home use needs.

It takes a cycle from size to customized production to installation and acceptance. Therefore, in the process of customizing doors and windows, consumers must carefully check and confirm the details in every link.

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18 Aug 2023 2 minutes read

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